TASOS KARAGIANNIS S.A. insists one of the most forceful commercial factors in the area of Thessaly and Central Greece. The company represents and deals with the most famous labels up-country. Besides, it has already been expanding abroad. At the core of its activity lies the delivery of premium products and services which stand out in terms of high quality as well as in terms of subject and time accuracy.

Having as a competitive advantage the accumulated experience obtained through its dynamic operating cycle and based on its skillful and specialized workforce, on the company-owned equipment and its constantly growing client base, TASOS KARAGIANNIS S.A. succesfully responds to contemporary market demands for excellent quality and high speed in the completion of order-to-delivery process. The company has established its powerful posotion in the market, while it has been stretching its activities into the area of logistics services capitalizing on its long standing and multifaceted know-how. Co-operation with forceful and promising brand names are the pledge of stability and up-growth.

Strategy and prospects
To preserve and enhance its leading position iin the market of Central Greece.
To expand in the market of North Greeve.
The activation of the capabilities of the company in terms of cold storage.
The primary middle-term target has been the growth of the logistics services provided.
Total Quality Management
TASOS KARAGIANNIS S.A. implements a Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard.


The company was installed in 1972 by Tasos Karagiannis having a personal operating form. It primary was representing and distributing commercial goods in the broaden area of Larissa. However, it shortly managed to increase its turnover and expand its operating area in terms of number of customers and range of products available.

Further, it established commercial bonds with the areas of MAGNHSIA, KARTDITSA, TRIKALA, FTHIOTIDA, EVRITANIA and PIERIA. Nowadays, TASOS KARAGIANNIS S.A. represents and deals with brands in separate sectors such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods, vivers, toilet-rols and cosmetics. Additionally, construction, agricultural and farming sector insist vital part of its business. The stable raise of its activities have lead to a stream upgrade of the company’s assets and human resources.

In 1985 the group computerises its operating system. The main target was then to improve the services provided to its internal and external customers. This period was also developed an ambitious plan for the company; structure its own facilities. It was a strategic move for the future of the firm that could effectively support its needs.

In 1990 it was moved in its own place on the 3rd km of the national Larissa to Karditsa. Total facilities of 2.400 m2 were financed by own assets including central offices and stock house. This was an investment that enhanced the company’s market spot and provided all this convenience to meet its targets. It has to be stated that there was predicted the possibility and availability of redoubling the capacity of the facilities meaning that the 5.500 m2 of the ground and the 8.400 m3 of space were fully utilized. The facilities were supported by new transport vehicles and crabs that could decrease the delivery times since the mechanical factor could be indefatigable towards market demands. Besides, electrical and electronic machinery was renewed step-by-step in next decade. This was aimed at the optimization of the customer service. In 1997 the legal form of the company was converted to anonymous society-corporation..