In July 2009 the company has been transferred in its new facilities. Total roofed facilities of 6.000 m2 on a 20.000 m2 area can offer an indissoluble performance bond among health, security and customers’ requirements.

This means that the firm has more than doubled its capacity taking into consideration the former ones, while there is enough room for expanding the torrent ones according to the long-term developing plan.


The warehouse has been designed in an absolutely coded ranking. The primary purpose of this project was to be developed a schedule that utilises in all the current available space, secure the personnel and ensure the quality of products. Further, concerning the periodical demand of goods, shifts have been on a cycle planning. The position has been two ways tested since two operating systems, both commercial and warehouse management, have direct approach on the volume of storage and coding of it optimising the procedure of tracking for all loyally concerned.




The company has been operating almost exclusively using its own vehicles. It has been holding 9 cars serving daily needs of transport of its sellers, and 7 vans and trucks that
ship customers’ orders.

Further, there have been 11 electrical moving crabs that provide support on the internal product movements considering discharging, housing, picking and tracking processes. It has to be stated that the current machinery has been fully refreshed since it has moved on the new facilities on July 2009.

TASOS KARAGIANNIS S.A. has been planning a periodical renewal of all its vehicles and investment on modern ones considering efficiency, effectiveness and ecological facing.

ERP – WMS systems

The functionality and automation of the operating system are both ensured by a two-ways contact between the commercial and ware-house management software and hardware providing maximum success. This combination has been particularly designed for the needs of the company utilising available experience and market conditions.


PDA systems

The sell-supporters have been equipped with wireless personal digital assistant systems that facilitate ordering process. In fact, there is a real time ordering record since the server information can be updated and raise the commission progress.